Membership is 10 dollars for an individual and 15 dollars for a family.

Send your membership to :   Whaletown Community club    Whaletown, BC, V0P1Z0

The Whaletown Community Club welcomes anyone to become a member and to be involved in the activities of the Club—you don’t have to be a Whaletown resident. Membership allows you to rent the Hall at a reduced rate, and to participate in members-only activities. Unless you are a resident of Whaletown/Gorge, however, you can’t vote— here’s why.
Until about 18 years ago, any WCC member from any part of the island could vote at Community Club general meetings.  At that time there was a proposal put forward by an individual to turn the Old Schoolhouse into a fitness club. This was extremely unpopular in Whaletown, and the population came out in force to vote against it at a general meeting. A number of residents from the rest of the Island thought it was a great idea and came out in force to vote for it. Although the proposal did not pass, we realized that Whaletown with a small population, could in fact be out-voted on matters that were not in the best interest of its residents, and it was decided that we change our Constitution to allow voting by members residing in the Whaletown/Gorge area only. The membership has never shown any interest in reviewing that decision.



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