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APRIL 2015

Wishing everyone a very happy spring from the Whaletown Community Club. The return of longer days, the bird song, and sweet spring air reminds me how special Cortes is, and aside from the sometimes smallness of it, I reckon we are some of the most fortunate on the planet.

I would like to begin by offering a belated but heartfelt thanks to those who sat on the WCC board last year. Thank you Gabriel Dinim, Peter Henbury, Karen Lee, Helen Radosevic, Terri Guthrie, Rosy Wooldridge, Wendy Legare, Brig Weiler, and myself. It was a term of finishing up business, modernizing older hall systems like the generator, septic system, and regulation standards. Thanks for leaving the hall in good working order for us to ease into!

I would also like to welcome and thank the folks who have joined this year. Life gets crazy busy out here on the rock, and I want to acknowledge the gift of time and energy you are offering up to the community.

Muchos Gracias to: Ashe Biela (president), Bill Dougan (vice president), Jason Andrews (treasurer), Peter Henbury (secretary), Scotty Martin (house and grounds), Rose Fitisk (social convener), Lovena Harvey (kids convener), Helen Radovic (health and welfare), Jenn Nelson, Tammy Allwork, Steven Mcrorie, and Richard Gaudette as members at large. Quite a group! I have been appreciating the diversity of ages and characters on board. My hope is that we are a solid representation of the larger hologram and that we can revitalize the hall to create a more happening and dynamic atmosphere. That’s the common thread on this new board. We all want to “bring the town back to Whaletown”.  My burning questions are:  What are the venues Whaletown most wants or needs? What will it take to get folks out and active? What programs best support our youth and seniors? How can we facilitate a welcoming community hall, so that nobody needs to feel isolated out here? And do we want/need more activities to enliven our community? For me, Cortes was the first place I found where beautiful, wild nature met an equally dynamic, awesome community. It’s unique. Sometimes I wonder if the recent change of high-speed travel thru our fingertips has replaced the need for community support and entertainment. I sense this place is one of the last intact communities around. So let’s come together, and keep the spirit of this place alive! Ok, enough of a rant for one newsletter! Now, down to business!

So what’s happening in Whaletown right now? Well please feel free to wander down to the Louisa Tucker library every Friday, from 1-4 pm. The book selection is great, the volunteers are friendly, and the feel and history of the place can transport you to another time long ago. The library is thinking of opening for Wednesdays too, so stay tuned. We are always looking for volunteers if you have an afternoon to gift. The Old Schoolhouse Gallery is gearing up to offer some more groovy art shows this season. Stay tuned for those.

Many thanks to those who showed up for the last burger and beer night, which was a fundraiser for the Whaletown Cemetery. You wouldn’t usually put burgers and graveyards together, would you? Hey, you never know what flies on Cortes!  We were very happy to begin our bank for the upcoming expansion we have been working on. Thank you, Ron, for volunteering your time on this project. Another fundraiser will be happening again, perhaps in the fall to help us collect more funds to make this happen. An investment in the future, one could say!

Our WCC fundraising dinner raffle for 6 people is coming to an end, April 10th. Hopefully you stocked up on tickets. Cross your fingers that you get picked, as Steven is one very fine and talented chef! It’s a real treat to have him at your service for the evening, the winner to be announced soon.

May 9th is the date for our annual Plant Sale and Work bee. Think of us as you plant your starts and divide your perennials. Come out to the plant sale! Stay for the work bee; enjoy soup and salad with us afterwards. Many hands, less work, and MORE fun!!

This year we are hoping to finish the long-standing plan to build an addition off the building to store the extra tables and chairs. This would allow us to use the lovely fireside room more frequently. We also have ideas around general grounds beautification and a generator shed.

We are looking forward to Seafest on May 16th. After you enjoyed the ambience of seafood, community and entertainment, plan to come over to the hall later and get down with Blackberry Wood!  Rose has been making some rad connections with the music scene in Victoria and Vancouver. Some of the bands we have coming this year are Roots Roundup, Zhundugo, Tequila Mockingbird, and Jay Aymar. Mae is bringing in some lovely classical concerts as well, Daniel Bolshoy, Paul Marleyn & Mauro Bertoli, and Jasper Wood & David Riley. Please feel free to look at our calendar for upcoming events: www.whaletowncommunityclub.ca. We also now have a Facebook page, so please make us your newest friend.

Lovena, as kid’s convener, is brainstorming up some great youth programs, so feel free to give her any input you might have. The Easter egg hunt was really fun. We had 34 people show up to look for eggs amongst old growth trees. Thanks everyone who hiked out with us! The parents and tots program is flourishing. It happens every Monday from 10-12 pm and is a sweet family vibe. So to all you new babies on Cortes, come out and play. I would love to see more ongoing classes happening in our hall. The cost is 10% of what you make from sales. So it is not much of a risk.

I would like to give a special thanks to Mae Sherwood. She has proven to be an irreplaceable member and friend to the WCC.  Thank you Mae, for continuing to organize the classical concerts, Cortes Day, Sandcastle day, and helping with the plant sale. You are amazing!

Well, as I wrap up the first WCC newsletter of 2015 I will leave you with one last pondering… which I have been thinking about lately. How many boards, fundraisers, and events happen on this island with a year round population of 800! We are quite ambitious. It’s also what makes this place so ridiculously awesome. It means that it takes everyone giving a little something, to keep the Cortes legacy flowing. So…. show up, get involved, and lend a helping hand. “Let’s get together and feel alright”

Musings from your humble presidente of the Whaletown Community Club,

Have a great summer,

Ashe Biela


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  1. Rod Lee says:

    HI – notice the last news is from April 2015 – will there be any current updates of news in the near future?

  2. whal8202 says:

    Hi Rod. Just got tasked with taking care of the website. Saw your message in the sea of spam. Hoping to get some new content up on the site ASAP. Regards, Richard Gaudette.

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